Lords Of The New Church – Russian Roulette.

1982 again.

When The Lords Of The New Church formed a winning formula was pretty much set in stone. Brian James (The Damned) & Stiv Bators (Dead Boys) the band just couldn’t fail could they?


They didn’t.  How could they.

Taking a stale, (dead?), punk scene forward with a measure of New Wave / New Romantic was a bold move. It worked.

The bands best track is arguably Russian Roulette. Soft but somehow still raging it’s just an all round winner.

Shades of Apocalypse Now? The track would have worked so well in that movie, but hey, back to reality.

Washing, plucky and swirling guitar. A pog of bliss bass stabs gently but perfectly. To top it all Bators is on fine, fine form. Wonederously strong lyrics…. and oh so catchy. It’s the bands finest moment and it’s strongest testament is that it challenges even the best Damned and Dead Boys classics.

“Hey, hey, hey, we’re in the movies”…


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