Vanilla Fudge – You Keep Me Hangin’ On – At Last!

Good grief. I’ve been looking for this for years. I will keep the write up short. I cannot remember where I recorded this from years ago – but I used to have it on VHS.

A perfect marriage of unbelievable characters in the band (Vanilla Fudge) and an outstanding version of “You Keep Me Hangin” On”. It works on so many daft levels that it becomes essential viewing / listening.

For a start – the keyboardist looks like he came straight from a hippy version of Star Trek. The 1st guitarist looks like Diego Maradona from Woodstock. The drummer is the best Keith Moon clone ever – practically at Muppet proportions. The 2nd guitarist looks so much like one of my best mates older brother that it’s just unreal (this will be lost on most people).

Despite all the obvious comedy – it’s a fantastic version of the song delivered with real gusto and feeling. When it bridges / breaks the comedy bar goes into overdrive. I only see the image of our Star Trek hippy keyboardist having some, (ahem), act performed upon him under the keyboard and he floats into clear ecstasy. Look at his joy – it’s genius. This is accompanied with some frankly ridiculously good drumming – What a drummer! The finale is spectacular. Thanks to “electrictrunk” – the YouTube uploader, whoever you are – I haven’t seen this for about a decade. I may be watching this on repeat for an hour. What a band / performance.


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