Rodrigo Y Gabriella – Orion.

Listening to Master Of Puppets today lead me quite inevitably to this this gem.

Just before the World Cup Final (2010) the BBC ran a small piece on the Spanish football team showcasing what an outstanding team they were.

The BBC can do these kind of tributes so well. In the background was a piece of music that made my ears prick up straight away. It took about 30 seconds of head scratching before it dawned on me that it was a flamenco style version of Metallica’s – “Orion”.

10 years ago this would have lead to a trip to the City Centre and scouring through record shops trying to find the music. Thanks to Google it tracked down in 10 seconds.

Rodrigo Y Gabriella’s version is best listened to when watching them too as they just look like the genuine article. Love for the guitar pours out of them both.

Watching this just (now) I loved the fact that someone had commented on YouTube that “she plays the drums better than Lars”, a spot on humourous comment (Lars Ulrich, from Metallica, does come across in interviews as a bit full of himself).

I’ll stop writing – do checkout the video – it’s a gem. The 2nd video features the current Metallica bass player and should too be appluaded for the way they recover his bass strap going, it doesn’t top the first video but does add a heavier dimension. Listen to the crowd in raptures, I imagine they’d be a great outfit to see perform live.


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