Operation X

In 1989 I moved out of home for the first time. This gave freedom to play my drum kit – in my room whenever I wanted – at just the slight risk of annoying the neighbours.

All of my close friends were playing in bands, and at 19 years of age we all thought our own bands were the best (out of our circle of friends).

Jams at the studio would often be a “who can play the loudest” session. This meant we did not actually concentrate enough of the overall sound but more so on our own respective instrument. The result – usually detrimental.

With the new-found freedom I put together a new band for an experimental project. The band took 3 players from different bands but the aim was to actually try to make some accessible music.

The band were – Operation X.

Within a week we had an eight song set. It was a growing experience. We rehearsed once at an actual studio and it was short-lived – the band lasted a month at most. With hindsight this was the exact time The Stone Roses blew up and subconsciously (we hadn’t heard the Roses yet) there were traces of their sound in our tracks. A fluke maybe – but if we’d tried harder we could have put on at least one cool gig as a support act or something.

The tracks here were recorded in my bedroom in 1989 using just a mic into a stereo. It’s nothing groundbreaking but there are some decent moments I think.




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