Avrocar – Soft Lighting.

Avrocar from Birmingham, England are a band that deserve more ears listening to them. I have only one album – “Against The Dying Of The Light”.

Of note that I used to drum for the band in a previous incarnation – when we (they) were Imago circa 1993 – 1997. I got kicked out of the band for a combination of apathy and being a fairly crap drummer. It was probably the right time and right call for us to part ways when that happened.

Avrocar, it would be easy to say, are comparable to the sublime “Boards Of Canada”. Really Avrocar were at the forefront of a post music / experimental underground movement. Unlike Boards Of Canada, they didn’t attract anywhere near as many plaudits. This I feel is wrong as the music of Avrocar really is quite unique and brave.

Not exactly music to drink 4 cans of beer to whilst you prepare to go out – but the music has its own place. Mellow, stark and occasionally quite beautiful. It’s soundtrack music to an indie film that has never been made. A very nice warm yet sometimes sinister vibe oozes.

I’d say my favourite track is “Rayleigh Scattering”. I cannot find that track on YouTube to post here and won’t risk annoying the band by uploading it to YouTube myself (although i’m sure they wouldn’t actually mind).

Also of note we rehearsed before Steve the bass player joined (with Imago) the day Kurt Cobain died. Although it hadn’t hit us properly what had just happened the mood at that rehearsal was one of anger, frustration and sadness. Occasionally with Imago we’d hit some very good musical moments, the dynamic in the band was unsettled but in an odd way this pushed the sound forward. I feel we did put on a few great gigs at a time when music was directionless (outside of the band).

Anyway, check out Avrocar and if it’s your thing I’d highly recommend the album mentioned too.




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