SBTRKT – Hold On.

Maybe you are getting old when you are pointed to new music by The Metro (newspaper). Knowing nothing at all about SBTRKT (pronounced “Subtract”) there was an interesting article about the album in late Summer 2011. The write up was so enthusiastic I thought I’d give it a listen.

For a start the artists moniker just reeks of “you’re too old to listen to this”. It does not appeal – it’s a bit like OMFGLOLROFL or whatever they’re called. When I initially typed the artist into YouTube to check out the positive review I’d read in The Metro I was instantly drawn to the comments / arguments.

The comments read like : “this is NOT dubstep” – “Yes it is It’s the future of dubstep” – “It’s garage” – “No it’s 2Step”, etc.

The underlying theme of the comments was a love for the music : “love the voice, love the sound, I feel fine”, “what a vocal”, etc.

I was intrigued – and I still hadn’t listened to it yet. I plugged my speaker into my laptop and pressed play. Surely I couldn’t like music from 2011?

I’m not sure what genre it is – but I do know when I hear decent music. The track “Hold On” has a very organic sound. It does sound very now but has the possibility to be timeless too. Also I liked the imagery and the masks the artist(s) wear for live performances. They’ve got a lot going for them. The sound is lush, slick and quite unique. If say, Prince had released “Hold On” last year for example it would have been a storming return to form. The music is on the money.

Do check out the sound, ideally through decent speakers, I feel it has wide appeal and… it’s just refreshing for me to write-up a song that is so relatively new. The live performance showcases the organic feel better but the sound quality is not as strong as the studio version.  The rest of the album is as strong as the track featured in this post and maybe there’s better to come from this mysterious artist.


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