Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla.

When music transcends language barriers something magical is at play. Try to think of some good examples – hard isn’t it?

Icelandic band Sigur Ros do this so well that their song Hoppopolla is not only in Icelandic but also features a language the band have made up themselves (Hopelandic). Hoppipolla features on “Takk” the bands 2nd studio album. To be honest I do not know that much about the band – just bits n’ bobs. What I do know is this song strikes such a powerful connection that I cannot forsee anyone who invests 7 minutes of their life listening to it will not afterwards feel a warm glow of joy.

Hoppipolla has the power to take you away from your days work, the power to make you feel what is important in life. It makes you feel small. It puts life back in perspective. Like a weekend trip to the mountains the track somehow takes you away, soothing power, forget your problems. Smile.

Orchestrated beauty that pushes any indie moniker away.

Watch the video. Please do. Focus. Listen.

Hoppipola has a processional feel. It gathers. Even though you will not understand the lyrics you just feel the love. You feel alive. The song builds and steps away. People in the video – not just the band – become central. It shows what humans can do together in such an unashamed way you just have to give in and go with it.

People usually bug me – especially in large numbers. Hoppipolla makes me feel I am wrong in this stance. It’s communal feel overpowers despite using absolutely no force. Powerful yet soft vocals.

As the band play (and almost stop playing) the crowd either watch or just carry on doing what they are doing. Living. The sight of a woman just carrying a small child almost makes you well up.

The song alone makes you want to buy a one way ticket to Iceland – give up your job – forget your worries and just live. How can one song do this. Soft powerful music and a real instance where the visuals (video) underline its message.

When people hug watching Sigur Ros (and hug Sigur Ros) after the music soars towards the end it doesn’t matter if the images are staged or not – it just blows you away. A community in an isolated forrest living and playing music. How the hell this works on such a high level I cannot work out – It Just Does…

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