Urban Dance Squad – Routine.

In 1991 I found myself in a hotel room late at night in Amsterdam. It was very late, like 2am. My first night of a crazy weekend, but arguably the most memorable highlight of this short break was discovering this song, (hey call me boring).

The hotel room had MTV. I at the time did not have this channel (at home). Notable that in the bars, etc in Amsterdam all day Genesis – “I Can’t Dance” was on heavy rotation. (Just to give you a timescale).

I turned on the television, twisted the dial – and Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge came on straight away. I had never heard the track (Chili Peppers). It was a great tune, mellow, a tale about a love for the city they live in. Very well put, the video was unintentionally very funny too. I made a mental note to check out the album “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” as soon as possible – I think many will agree it’s the bands best ever album.

Following on from Under The Bridge, with no adverts, etc was this track. Routine by Urban Dance Squad. I had heard the bands debut album (Mental Floss For The Globe) and had enjoyed it.

Routine was the first single from Urban Dance Squad’s 2nd album (Life & Perspectives Of A Genuine Crossover). It’s a cracking single.

Mellow and fitting the previous track by the Chili Peppers very well, MTV had hit the right note. Routine does echo very strongly House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals. The vocal is not great but does sound very authentic which in my book beats a great delivery every day.

A down beat number “feeling like taking a bath with my toaster” – it’s a tale about being fed up with monotony, work and general drag of every day life.

Urban Dance Squad did not get anywhere near the credit that their peers attracted (Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine). The bands first two albums are hidden classics, if not a tad dated now. This skate, punk, funk, ska hip-hop crossover outfit are well worth tracking down and checking out…


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