Twelve Songs by The Pixies.

The Pixies are a band I have always liked a lot but never really loved. I saw the band play live once at Glastonbury in 1989 (I think I’ve got the year right).

I’ve been mulling over writing an album up on here but haven’t been able to decide which album. So, I’m going to go with 12 essential songs by the band – my own Best Of if you like.

I’m going to go in reverse order, the last track (1) being my favourite. Right, I’ll get on with it…

12. Is She Weird from Bossanova is a well pitched sound. It grumbles along, whispers and angular Pop / Indie slabs. Catchy too.

11. Alec Eiffel from Trompe Le Monde is a joyous pop song. Sharp sounds. Heavenly backing vocals. Somehow a bit heavier than standard Pixies but still a truly accesible sound.

10. Break My Body from Surfer Rosa with straining vocals and instruments is up their as one of the bands finest moments. The band can’t even play that well but the overall sounds tops class musicians easily – this is a mark of great songwriting.

9. Velouria from Bossanova has a very strong sound of togetherness both in instrumentation, delivery and vibe. A sing-a-long.

8. Stormy Weather again from Bossanova has a very solid laid back sound. The track plods along for a while before picking up and rocking out in a very unique way.

7. Gouge Away the last track on Doolittle is a gem. Hush. Languid but rising and veering away at right angles it’s a great song.

6. Tony’s Theme from Surfer Rosa is an adventurous ditty. I love this track. Crazy ranting vocals. Odd storytelling. Chasing and nuts musical accompaniment.

5. Gigantic another track from Surfer Rosa has it all. Longer in length than your average Pixies track it’s an epic. Gigantic pulls you in with dreamy interludes and rises into a very solid chorus.

4. Debaser the first track from the bands second album Doolittle is the sound of late 80’s indie perfection. A track that would fill alternative dancefloors in seconds.

3. Monkey Gone To Heaven is arguably The Pixies own Stairway To Heaven. Encompassing all the band do so well and delivering it in a neat mantra passage.

But, just like Stairway To Heaven isn’t actually Led Zeppelin’s best song the Pixies surpass it by some distance on their best ever two tracks.

This is a tough call.

2. Where Is My Mind from Surfer Rosa has a beautiful intro. I have DJ’ed about 10 times in my life and when I play this track there are always gasps – that says a lot. Dreamy and powerful despite the laid back delivery. An other-wordly joy.

1. Hey from Doolittle just wins as the bands finest moment. Ludicrously powerful despite being slightly and unashamedly daft. Beautifully sparse moments punctuated by guitar muted low wah’s. Primitive and earnest – music to get lost in… Look at Kim Deal getting lost in the sound at abou 2:10 – the band love it as much as we do…


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