Joy Division – Twenty Four Hours. An unlikely Mother’s Day Ode.

Two Albums. Four Singles. A perfect legacy.

Joy Division will always be one of my very favourite bands. They are almost impossible to knock.

With none of the singles featuring on any of the two studio albums the band did things their own way. It’s a blueprint seemingly no one has dared follow.

Pretty much every track is a classic. Beautifully stark music often left open to ones own imagination. Art in music.

You could label the band as “post punk” – if you really felt you had to – but this label merely will limit some from listening?

For me the band almost shouldn’t have a “best” track. The albums flow like classic books. Each track has its own place and plays its own part.

That said, Twenty Four Hours has always stood out. Sitting 3 tracks from the end of Closer it’s the last glorious spurt the band offer before their demise. The following two tracks on that perfect album (Closer) are great pieces too – but serve to wash the album away.

Twenty Four Hours is paced superbly. Real brooding power that surges yet remains contained. An impossible to describe vocal looms heavy over the instruments. As the track rises it delivers devastating heavyweight blows.

I lost my Grandmother recently and was unable to really let my emotion out. Call that male stubbornness or whatever. She had lived a full life – it was hard to grieve. Then, by chance a week or so later Twenty Four Hours came on via my iTunes shuffle. Without thinking I turned the volume up very loud – I mean very loud.

That was it really, the track tore me apart. If anything it elevated my high regard of the music to an even loftier level.

An ode to an oustanding piece of music – and in a way a Mother’s Day tribute for my Grandmother…


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