The Damned – Neat Neat Neat.

The 2nd single by The Damned is probably the bands best ever single release. I’m contradicting myself slightly as I included Stretcher Case in my 20 singles section. Stretcher Case has that unobtainable quality (as in its difficult to actually find / buy).

Neat Neat Neat was released at exactly the same time as The Damned’s debut album Damned Damned Damned. Marketing didn’t even come into the equation. Stiff Records just put both single and album out at the same time.

The second single (Neat Neat Neat) if anything surpassed New Rose – it was more urgent, catchy and it just looked physically great too. It sounds like a British cartoon version of The Stooges. Fast but allowing itself to breakdown with hisses before swelling again and delivering THAT killer chorus. The Damned have so much character  that they practically have no equal in this department.

I’m pretty sure 2 Many DJ’s nicked the bags on heads imagery for their album compilations. A credible nod.

Neat in name, tidy in structure – and as fresh today as it was 1977. One of my all time favourite singles from one of the best bands I’ve ever heard…


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