Ciccone Youth – Addicted To Love.

Very shortly after Sonic Youth released Daydream Nation (arguably their best album) instead of capitalising on their swell of support they took an odd gamble.

Ciccone Youth were Sonic Youth, same line-up, same everything but if anything a more experimental off-shoot. Just the notion of being more experimental than Sonic Youth is difficult to get your head around. The band were primed to take off after their 5th studio album (Daydream Nation).

Still signed to Blast First the band played with their freedom and creativity. The Whitey Album (1988) is a difficult listen. There’s a track called silence which is (you’ve guessed it) about 2 minutes of silence. Madonna nods are obvious and give that superstar a left of centre subtle seal of approval. The LP looks great physically. It’s not their best by a long shot but should be applauded for the band shunning their big opportunity – it’s kind of stating fuck the money – let’s art.

What it did do however was make you realise quite quickly that Kim Gordon was the clear alternative female star of a generation. The video for Addicted To love (a Robert Palmer cover) was shot on a Karaoke Video stall, rather like a photobooth for less than $10.

Somehow it worked and made you respect the band even more. Their time came pretty soon after (success wise) anyway. One of the coolest art-rock outfits you may encounter…


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