Rock n’ Roll Golf! – Tiger Woods – The Masters 2005.









I always used to think that golf is for men (or women) too old to play football. When I worked in the record shop that I’m always rambling on about my boss used to play golf all the time. He’d disappear off to Spain, come back with a suntan and check how much money I’d made him. This I guess didn’t help my illogical dislike for the sport.

Tiger Woods was exciting from the off. Young, eager and clearly the best player ever to pick up a golf club. He made the sport more interesting, even before he took a soap opera style downfall fairly recently. I have no interest in his personal life – it’s nothing to do with me or anyone else really. America does love to (like the U.K.) destroy its heroes.

As I got older I found myself watching more and more golf. There’s something totally relaxing about sitting in front of a television for four days solid and just watching eating Jelly Babies (mmm, Jelly Babies…).

The Masters is the best golf competition that there is. For a start it falls when (in England) you are either likely to be off work or about to have a break for Easter – you have the perfect excuse to be a couch potato.

Secondly the event looks great. Always being at Augusta just adds to it, and the whole “green jacket” thing adds to the uniqueness.

So, as I grew fonder of golf and watched it slightly more and more one moment transformed the game. On the 16th Hole Tiger Woods chipped a shot that somehow is more exciting than a hole in one. Most hole in ones can be seen as flukes – no way did they actually mean it.

You’ve probably seen this shot before. If it was actually scripted it could not be any better. The commentary at the beginning, middle and end is just spot on. Tiger  weighs up what he is about to try – you can see him think it through. The approach of the ball hits your senses as you realise it has the perfect pathway but question if it has enough power. Then THAT moment when the ball hangs – how does it stay still for so long? Then the moment of triumph when the Nike tick drops…

Oh Wow – In your life have you seen anything like that” the commentator echoes what everyone watching is thinking… and golf, that sport for boring old men becomes rock n’ roll…





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