Hardfloor – Acerperience 1.

Talking of bad rave tunes (in the last post) – lets look a track that would tear-up raves in the early 90’s.

I personally do not look back at raves that wide-eyed. I did go to raves but it really wasn’t my thing music wise. For me electronic music ends almost with New Order, why go any further? Then again, being in my early 20’s (in the early 90’s) meant you had to check out the rave scene to see what it was all about.

At raves I would not know what 99% of the tracks were. Loads of people off their faces looking for a good time. There were always moments when raves transcended from 4/4 standard beats into moments of massive come togethers and it all just kicking off (in a peaceful way).

A very select few records can turn a gathering of lots of people standing around waiting into a mass – who acres who anyone else is lets go nuts – party. Such records are turning points, seemingly written for this actual purpose.

It took me about 2 years to find out what this record even was. Make no mistake, even if you hate dance music, it’s a classic. Almost 20 years on – it still sounds as fresh…


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