The Korgis – Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime.

At a recent music quiz, this track was a question (what’s the title). Almost certainly unplanned, the track seemed to go through the whole room. This was down to good timing maybe as it marked that moment in a room when suddenly everyone (or most) realise they have happily progressed from casually drinking – to being actually drunk. 

Never had the track sounded this good before. The compare at Club Unlikely spotted this well, milking the moment but shutting up to let the music just play. 80 % of the room where mouthing the words but none singing out loud. Signs of a guilty pleasure surely – even if only about 20% of the room actually knew the artist / title. People actually looked disappointed as the track faded.

With a bit of consideration Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime by The Korgis hit the spot due to a plethora of rave acts covering the tune in one way or another. The seldom heard original sounded so fresh and clean by comparrison.

Probably best listened to without watching the video as the band aren’t that photogenic – but the track, listened to occasionally, can hit the absolute right spot…


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