2manyDJ’s – As Heard On Radio Soulwax.

A decade ago 2manyDJ’s released As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt 2. Hard to believe the album is a decade old already – how time flies. The album is the only officially available release due to an impossible task to clear the rights for all of the tracks used / sampled.

Volume 2 is arguably the best of the bunch (there’s a dozen or so) – but all of the other mixed albums are highly recommend too.

Not shying away from mixing i.e. The Beatles with Kraftwerk Soulwax flat refuse to omit The Beatles from many of their other compilations. Apple (the record label) have never let The Beatles be used on any compilation (as I can recall) – it’s an odd stance – as in they’re kind of saying “hands off rock royalty – we don’t need it”.

2manyDJ’s succeed where other mixed albums fall flat by racking up the fun levels to an insane summit. In like 2 seconds flat you realise that you love ELO, Dolly Parton is actually cool and Destiny’s Child aren’t all that bad – who’d have thunk it. Classic tracks such as Human Fly (The Cramps) sit along side hidden gems like Hand To Phone (Adult). The albums have a total full-on party feel that somehow encompass everyones musical taste.

On Volume 4, after The Beatles – Taxman has been given an abrasive makeover Lenny Kravitz bleeds in with Light Skin Girl, it’s a magical moment where again you realise you may need to alter your perspective on the respective artist. Shortly after a familiar tune rattles in – you know it but can’t quite place it – it sounds very cool – who is it? Then the horror revelation as you identify the track as Nik Kershaw’s “Dancing Girls” – oh dear.

I’ve seen 2manyDJ’s once and they kicked off their DJ set with Abba’s Voulez-Vous – it totally altered my take of that pop song – Soulwax just bastardised it, elevating its status with one drop. Masterful.

Unlike standard superstar DJ’s – 2manyDJ’s get across a love for music and a who cares what we do attitude. The coolest DJ’s by a massive stretch and total workaholics too – then again music can’t be work can it?

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