“Marvellous” Marvin Hagler Vs Tommy “Hitman” Hearns – Bloody Opera.

Boxing is a bit like a car crash. You don’t want to look but can’t help yourself. The most unpredictable sport that there is –  it could last 10 seconds – it could go full distance – at any point it could stop and be over.

In the mid 80’s Hagler was clearly at the top of his game, but like the Top 3 tennis players now, the competition was close and equally as deadly. I can recall Hagler beating Alan Minter as a small kid – electrifying television that just doesn’t happen anymore on free to air channels. Hagler was like a boxing Michael Jackson, he transcended the sport despite being massively cock-sure and slightly unlikeable.

On Radio 5 a few weeks ago the golden era of middleweight was discussed for an hour. A great show that highlighted this fight as the best of all-time. I’m not sure about that, Ali had some incredible fights and was surely Elvis to Hagler’s Jackson? Just a photo of Ali in the 70’s was inspirational, i’m sure there’ll never be a boxer like him – as universal as Coca-Cola.

About 5 years ago I overheard two guys talking about the Hearns Vs Hagler fight and totally agreeing that it was the best fight of all-time. Edged on by a bit of free-time and the radio documentary I watched the fight just on YouTube. It is explosive to a shocking level. It’s like a fight in the school playground or a mad street brawl, or a computer game even. Imagine Brazil playing Spain in a World Cup Final and both teams only attacking the oppenets goal – it just wouldn’t happen.

I’m not sure if it is the best fight ever, but it’s definitely worth 8 minutes of your time…


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