Ramones – Leave Home.

The 2nd album from the Ramones and probably my 4th favourite album of theirs. It should be higher following fast on the heels of the best debut album ever. The lesson here is never let a Bongiovi produce a classic album.

My only gripe is the production from what otherwise is an outstanding record. Great sleeve, outstanding songs – I wont get carried away but the Ramones are a one-off and sadly missed.

Glad To See You Go racks up the bubblegum punk. Echoes of Beach Boys but delivered with a sonic buzz of total control and punch. A winner.

Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment only racks the buzz bar higher. Yes the production almost ruins it, but a song of this quality still shines through.

I Remember You again suffers from poor production. It should just shine but does sound unnecessarily bogged down. A slower pace but still sonically blasting its way at you.

Oh Oh I Love Her So then really showcases punk Beach Boys. Crunching guitar and Joey sings so perfectly even Bongiovi cant ruin it. A happy Ramones track is hard to beat and rarely do they sound more happy than on this song.

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker needs no write up. A very famous Ramones song and it is so for a reason. Controlled. Pop. Punk. Clap-a-longs – it has it all.

Suzy Is A Headbanger has devilish swirls that must have laterly attracted Phil Spector. An astonishing track that cements the band as national (global?) treasures.

Pinhead is Ramones personified. Supremely dumb. A work of art. Delivering the Gabba Gabba Hey mantra it became cult of Ramones. A masterpiece.

The choppy Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy further endears the band to the listener. Punchy breaks. It has the sound that makes you want to buy a guitar, etc. It’s so simple – yet so perfect.

Swallow My Pride is a lesser track than offered so far. It still is freakin’ brilliant though and further testament to how good the Ramones actually are.

What’s Your Game is a lush mellow track. A different pace that allows Joey to again showcase that unique vocal. Damn we miss the Ramones.

Leave Home now goes up a bar. It’s been good but is about to get much better.

Dee Dee shouts what would become the band trademark “1-2-3-4” to intro California Sun it’s a big favourite. Catchy, punchy, cheeky little guitar leads. Urgent yet contained “and I shimmied a little shimmy” – I can’t do it justice with written words – go listen to it.

Commando bursts in with another “1-2-3-4”. It’s one of the bands best ever tracks. Bongiovi or no Bongiovi there’s no destroying a track of this quality – I could have produced it and it still would be one of the best tracks you will ever hear. Ridiculously brilliant rules are offered lyrically – another timeless classic.

You’re Gonna Kill That Girl really should have been a single. Ultimate Beach Boys punk, so much so that it’s better than anything the Beach Boys ever recorded. Sacrilege? erm… No. As the track ends a change of pace offers a sublime backfade. It really is a perfect piece of music “kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill that girl”. I could listen to it all day.

You Should Never Have Opened That Door is a weaker track to close the album. One of the stronger tracks really should close the LP? That said it’s still a great track.

The quality of the tracks really suggest it should be the bands 2nd best ever record, but somehow it isn’t – that doesn’t mean it’s not essential listening though…


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