Depth Charge – The Princess & The Fly Girl.

Depth Charge (J Saul Kane) has almost no Internet profile at all. It’s almost like he does not exist. Mysterious big beat, psychedelic, genre walking messed up dance records that weirdly missed most peoples ears around the same time The Chemical Brothers sold hundreds of thousands of records.

Master of obscure movie samples and some of the best record sleeve art out there period. The balance of depravity, homage and the exotic sits very well on all of J Saul Kane’s output. Nine Deadly Venoms is a superb debut album with 9 tracks of pure quality. A personal favourite of mine is The Princess & The Fly Girl from 1997’s Disko Vixen EP. From obtuse huge beats to fantastic movie quotes the track fazes all over the place. From the chaos a groove emerges – kicked into action by those obscure quotes. Dirty Electro Rock n’ Roll, I just wish there was more of it…



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