Doves – Sea Song.

In 1999 a customer in the record shop I used to work in came in and enthused about a session he’d heard on the radio the previous evening.

I ordered the E.P. for him and it arrived within a day via Pinnacle (distribution). With the tale of it “sounding like a tragic John Barry Indie band” I couldn’t help put the vinyl 10 inch onto the instore record deck. It does have a very similar feel to the outro for the Midnight Cowboy movie?

Knowing nothing about the band (Doves) I could only agree with the customers summary – he’d nailed it with that brief line.

I’m not a fan of the band and have not even heard the album that was to follow – but I did follow suit and order another copy of the 10 inch for myself straight away.

All I know is this track does hit the spot. Somehow it manages to feel like you’re on a small boat looking for escape / isolation. It has a sad feel but does not look for pity. Every now and then I give it a listen and it has a rare feel to it. Nothing groundbreaking but a lovely record to take you temporarily away from it all…


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