Malaki Paul – Listen.

No, your not on the wrong blog. I would never endorse Britain’s Got Talent – I really wouldn’t but I’m about to support the star of the show tonight.

I almost never watch this show (I just feel I need to write that), but this evening I turned the television on as I was eating and I was just in time to catch this performance.

Whilst the show is exploitative and pulls on emotional strings – you really can’t hide the fact that when you hear / see something compelling that it can be just magical. The responses on faces says more than the written word.

I really hope the “failed” initial performance is not staged, but I’m so cynical of Simon Cowell that I cannot shake the thought that it may be. The emotional responses appear genuine and in fairness it’s handled very well, even if you can see the kerching look in Cowell’s eyes at least once.

Good luck to Malaki Paul, he sings with his soul which cannot be manufactured. You can actually see him grow during the performance and there’s no reason at all why he cannot be a star to outshine the show…

(click through to YouTube, thanks Britain’s Got Talent for blocking a largely supportive feature).


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