Adam Yauch 1964 – 2012.

Hearing the news that Adam Yauch had lost his battle with cancer this evening at 7 p.m. just left me feeling truly hollow.

Anyone that knows me will know that I will cite the Beastie Boys as my favourite artists of all-time. I have received a lot of texts from friends, well way more than I would normally on a Friday night.

I feel a bit stupid even writing this. I do not know what to write even.

Without even thinking I have listened to Paul’s Boutique three times already this evening. It feels selfish to already consider the fact that we’ve lost the Beastie Boys. There’s no point me going through their music. It’s on this blog already and if you care to read any of it you will reflect on how much I love the band.

Adam Yauch was a pioneer of hip-hop, punk, funk, experimental music, film making (I could go on but won’t).

I have always looked up to the Beastie Boys. Musically unique. Groundbreaking. They are a bit like older brothers that I never had. They have influenced things like the way I dress to some of my outlooks on life and a lot of the music that I have got into.

The Beastie Boys did not make one bad record. Every album is in my opinion a classic, but it goes way beyond that.

The bands gig at The Hummingbird, Birmingham in 1992 is one of my all-time favourite live performances. I would not trade seeing that gig for anything. Their set at Reading Festival the following year when they all had green hair woke up the U.K. to the fact that there was more to them than the global smash of their debut album.

Adam Yauch with his growl was a great rapper and from his input to the Tibetan Freedom Campaign was also a very fine human being. His vocal style ranged from the brawn you can hear on The New Style to the weighty mantra of Bodhisttva Vow.

47. It really is tragic. At the risk of getting too emotive I’ll stop writing.

Today we have lost a real legend. Thanks for reading. I’m going back to Paul’s Boutique…


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