Come off it YouTube, I mean like arrgghhhhh!

After a sombre weekend regarding the Beastie Boys news the best remedy has been to listen to the band and watch some of their classic videos and live performances.

These days most people will watch music videos via YouTube due to convenience and quantity.

Yesterday a live performance from the Beastie Boys from 2004 was uploaded by somebody. It was an unaired performance for a television show and was like a beam of light after the news last Friday. Needless to say I hadn’t seen the video but must have watched it about 8 times today… that was before the video was blocked. I mean, really, come off it. Who is this depriving financially or who was that 2 and a half minute clip harming?

YouTube, for all that’s great about it, I wish that video was still up their for all to see / hear and the site is becoming more corporate and less media / artist based by the day…


2 thoughts on “Come off it YouTube, I mean like arrgghhhhh!

    1. I’m absolutely certain the band would want it up there. The comments on it for a video that had been up for 9 hours and had around 10,000 hits were all so positive it was likeminded people sharing loss and enjoying a fantastic performance with the backdrop of the Statue Of Liberty – how ironic.

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