Beastie Boys – Off The Grid.

On Saturday whilst discussing the Beastie Boys in the pub a good friend suggested the only outstanding albums the Beastie Boys have are Paul’s Boutique and Check Your Head. Whilst I would agree they are the best two albums I would, and did strongly suggest almost all of their albums are, in their own ways classics?

This will be my last Beastie Boys post for a while. If one good thing has come from Fridays news (and boy do I wish that hadn’t happened), it has been that I have listened to the Beastie Boys with every free moment pretty much solidly. I have listened to albums that usually I skim over and rediscovered the depth and breadth of their music. A strange mix of sadness and celebration.

For anyone else that thinks they’re a cool band but limited I’d urge you to listen to such overlooked gems like The Mix Up, To The 5 Boroughs and The Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Go beyond the the obvious classics. True that I’m biased (I can’t see myself ever liking a band this much ever again). I’ll shut up – it’s time to let the music do the talking…


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