The Beta Band – Simple.

After spending a lot of the week delving into the Beastie Boys back catalogue and spending a lot of time listening to The Mix Up one of the stand out tracks Off The Grid (see previous post) – lead me to this.

The Mix Up does at times sound like The Beta Band. The Beastie Boys (amongst many others) championed the band. From the deep and varied E.P.’s Champion Versions, The Patty Patty Sound and Los Amigos del Beta Bandidos (1997/8) arguably the band failed with their debut album.

The following two studio albums Hot Shots II and Zeroes To Heroes did salvage The Beta Band a bit but the lofty heights of the three E.P.’s would never be reached again. Or would they?

Simple (an album track from the bands final album Zeroes To Heroes) really should have been a single. A heartbreaking video puts the cool into old folk and the final frame is enough to make anyone buckle. An outstanding song…


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