The Sound – From The Lions Mouth.

I had never heard The Sound until today. I cannot work out how or why they have totally passed me by.

Reading a thread on drowned in sound today headed songs that you genuinely think are perfect the song Fatal Flaw by The Sound is amongst many that are suggested. I headed straight to YouTube and listened to the bands second album From The Lions Mouth.

Initially I thought this is just watered down Joy Division. Then, quickly (one song in) I reconsidered. The band sounded pretty damn perfect post punk. I have listened to the album twice already. Really how did they pass me by all these years.

With a little bit of Internet research the back story about the group make them even more intriguing. Although signed to an independent early 80’s arm of Warner Brothers (Korova Records) when pushed to make a more commercial third album they made a near inaccessible album instead.

There’s a lot more about the band that I wont go over on this blog. I’m going back to this (the bands 2nd album). Highly recommended…



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