Husker Du – Makes No Sense. Full Video.

The 1985 VHS Makes No Sense by Husker Du probably highlights why they didn’t succeed commercially.

It is an incredible gig. It is light years ahead of time. There is a lot of melody if you listen closely. All of the songs are classics. This was years before Nirvana, The Pixies and, well, loads of alternative successful bands.

The band are not pin-up material are they. Bob Mould wears a totally disinterested face throughout. The performance is relentless. When I had this on VHS I practically wore the tape out.

New Day Rising

It’s Not Funny Anymore

Everything Fall Apart

The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill

I Aplogise

If I Told You


Terms Of Psychic Warfare


Books About U.F.O’s

Chartered Trips


Celebrated Summer

Every Everything

Makes No Sense At All

 Pink Turns To Blue

Ticket To Ride

Reoccurring Dreams

Eight Miles High

Love Is All Around

If you watch only one song, watch Diane (27 minutes in). Not a camera phone insight…


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