The Jesus Lizard – Puss / Nirvana – Oh, The Guilt.

The Jesus Lizard and Nirvana whilst playing on the same bill made a pact to release a spilt 7 Inch Single.

I can recall reading an interview with David Yow (The Jesus Lizard) in 1992 saying he thought the record would never surface as Nirvana in the meantime “became The Beatles”.

There were problems and Geffen begrudgingly allowed a very limited release. The record came out in February 1993 on Touch & Go (label) on blue vinyl and CD Single. It peaked at Number 12 in  the U.K. Singles Chart. It would have been much higher but finding a record shop that had stock was a big problem.

The Jesus Lizard side (Puss) was up to scratch and is arguably the better track on the split single. You got the feeling, post Nevermind, that Nirvana were comfortable with this sound and approach. This was the last time you’d get that feeling as they pushed the self-destruct button with devastating consequences…


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