Football Songs & A Tribute To The Best Goalkeeper Ever.

Asking the question on Drowned In Sound “What is the best football tournament song ever?” I still think it is Colourbox – The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme.

Amongst suggestions have been Baddiel & Skinner, Adam & Joe, Embrace, New Order, Black Grape, Fat Les, and quite a few more.

One suggestion was Jurgen & Libero – Der Lukas Podolski Song. Whilst it is a shockingly bad song – I have had it in my head for 3 days solid. It’s a case of so bad that it’s just brilliant.

Watch (listen) at your own peril…

On a separate note almost I was thinking of the best goalkeeper I have ever seen too. Rinat Daseav the goalkeeper for USSR was / is the best goalie I have ever seen. It’s not easy to get excited about a goalkeeper but this guy was out-of-this-world.

Playing football when I was about 10, everyone would name themselves after a famous player. I would be this guy in fake name only…


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