The Police – Reggatta De Blanc (the track).

The Police helped shape a generations musical growth. There. I said it.

It is easy to dislike Sting. However many people my age grew up with this band. Too late for Punk this band were actually one of the best groups we got exposed to via Top Of The Pops (Walking On The Moon onwards).

As a kid I owned all of their albums. I didn’t have the attention span to listen to the whole albums and went for the hits. When I was distracted playing Top Trumps or something and let the albums play through on my turntable though the other songs gradually got to you.

Whilst I do think Next To You is the best non-single, this track (Reggatta De Blanc from the album of that title) sums up the band totally (or at least their earlier material). Ludicrously good drumming from Stewart Copeland and those chants and build. I haven’t listened to it for about 20 years until today – I remembered clearly every note of the song. It’s an all round winner…


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