Blondie – Heart Of Glass.

January 1979 and I can recall being nine years of age sitting in my Uncles Austin Princess car and Heart Of Glass being played on the radio.

My Uncle stated “That’ll be Number One” and turned the volume dial-up. Sure enough, next week it was Number One. I thought at the time he must be a musical expert – in reality he was stating the obvious.

The song was then played heavily. It was everywhere.  Heart Of Glass is the sound of New Wave shifting to Disco pulled off with perfection. It is a great Pop record.

Most boys at nine years of age only see girls as annoying people only put on the planet to ridicule ones interest in frogs and tadpoles, or to wonder why they chased you around the playground.

When Debbie Harry appeared on television performing the song with Blondie this for the first time ever changed. You couldn’t work it out but something stirred inside you. That primitive element made the band and singer seem even more special and for some reason Look In and Smash Hits began to take a chunk of your pocket-money relegating The Beano to something just for kids…


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