Underworld – Rez / Cowgirl.

The best song by Underworld is not Born Slippy. It is the non-hit 12 Inch released by the Junior Boys Own label Rez / Cowgirl.

The double A Side is two songs that are very, very similar. Cowgirl shades it as it is more edgy. Both tracks are lessons in uplifting music. Hypnotic. Trance like.

I have only ever DJ’ed a handful of times. The best reception for a record I have ever played has was Rez. Let’s just say it got the party started. Sensing how well this worked, after half-an-hour I put on Cowgirl. It is fair to say it blew the room apart, a frantic party full of gate-crashing unknowns. A very wasted somebody, enjoying the track too much grabbed the volume dial on the amp and twisted it to the max. The speakers blew and let’s just say he wasn’t particularly popular for the rest of the (no music) party…


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