Mogwai – Christmas Steps.

Mogwai. A band so Post Rock that they practically go full-circle and inadvertently become Hardcore by default.

Hard to pick their best track. They do a fantastic cover of Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath. Also Sine Wave is a very strong piece of music.

I’m going with this. I can recall John Peel playing Christmas Steps back in 1998. The track from the No Education = No Future (Fuck The Curfew) E.P. sums the band up totally.

Christmas Steps does all of that quiet / noisy thing so well. The bass at 3:20 eventually sets a pulsing tone. The drums are unique too and come to the fore in a way they seldom do in songs by any artist.

Hush, you may hear the brilliance…


5 thoughts on “Mogwai – Christmas Steps.

  1. You forgot to mention that they are an utterly brilliant live band.

    Nit-picking, but their Sabbath cover is Sweet Leaf

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