The Jungle Brothers – Black Woman.

The Jungle Brothers took that laid back daisy age sound into a new place in 1989 with their album Done By The Forces Of Nature.

I’m no huge fan of the band but can recall what a shot-in-the-arm for Hip-Hop this song was.

In the late 80’s even Public Enemy had a few questionable song (lyrics), I’m thinking mainly Sophisticated Bitch here which the band should have quickly distanced themselves from.

In one 4 minute jam The Jungle Brothers matured Hip-Hop – and no one really noticed. The song is so loved-up and full of respect for women it had me wide-eyed and open-eared when in aired on BBC2 in 1989.

This respectful song is not only a great piece of music with a bold for the time lyric – it really should have crossed the outfit over more. De La Soul weren’t the forerunners after all…


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