The Stupids – Jesus Meets The Stupids.

In 1988 The Stupids released what would be their final album. They have, relatively recently reformed although I have not checked out any of their new material.

The band’s debut album Peruvian Vacation is a skatecore album that still defies belief as to how fast they play, but still hold a killer tune. The tracks on that album make you want to stagedive even if you’re just listening to it in your room.

Arguably The Stupids topped their debut with Retard Picnic their 2nd album. Both albums, infact all, are incredibly short in length. They are all killer no filler though and should be sought out and listened to.

Van Stupid saw the band expirement a bit with rapping. This was around the time Licensed To Ill (Beastie Boys) blew up and I was half expecting The Stupids to make an unlikely crossover too. Unfortunately this never happened.

John Peel picked up on the band and they did some blinding sessions for his radio show. Seek them out too if you can find them.

The Frankfurter E.P. maintains the quality and includes the speedy Gimmie Donuts and the almost scary Raise The Breadknife.

Despite minor band reshuffling The Stupids always had a unique sound, rather like The Ramones, but much, much faster.

Jesus Meets The Stupids was well timed to see the band have some success. It never happened. From the intro riff that lifts AC/DC’s Walk All Over You to the manic and ludicrous Fridge it still sounds great today.

The bands records cannot capture the mayhem of their live shows. They played two incredible gigs at The Mermaid in Birmingham, which were amongst some of the best live shows I have ever seen.

Also they played at Burberries in Birmingham on Broad Street. Coming onstage before a Hitman And Her style nightclub the audience make-up was the most bizarre I have ever witnessed. Wham fans, skaters and hardcore punks. When The Stupids took to a small stage bang in the centre of the nightclub you’ve never seen Climie Fischer fans move away so fast. Mayhem. Half the crowd upside down and the band ploughing through a 40 minute set of pure speed.

The Stupids have very little music on the Internet. Jesus Meets The Stupids was not on YouTube until I remedied that just now, enjoy…

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