The Beatles – Yellow Submarine.

Very early in 1969 The Beatles released their tenth studio album Yellow Submarine. It was the only Beatles studio album not to hit Number One in the U.K. album chart.

There is logic to this. Yellow Submarine only contained four new Beatles songs. The whole of Side Two is songs composed by George Martin for the film of the same name.

So is this the weakest Beatles album proper? Probably yes, although it would be foolish to dismiss the new material.

Yellow Submarine (Lennon / McCartney) needs no write up again. Check the Revolver review.

Only A Northern Song (Harrison) could sit on “The White Album” and neither be the best song or the worst. It is fairly experimental and sounds like songs of their post mid period.

All Together Now (Lennon / McCartney) is charming if a tad infantile. Basic in structure in increses its delivery and develops the nursery ryhme style slightly.

Hey Bulldog (Lennon / McCartney) builds rapidly and Lennon ups the vocal style followed by quite abrasive instrumentation. It’s good but not a real Beatles classic.

It’s All Too Much (Harrison) is long for a Beatles song and was written a while before this album. It did not make the Sgt. Pepper album or Magical Mystery Tour E.P. It is not a filler though and is arguably the best song so far on Yellow Submarine.

All You Need Is Love (Lennon / McCartney) is a very famous Beatles song and had had a release prior to Yellow Submarine (the album). It is a Beatles classic but you get the feeling this album really is thrown together.

Pepperland, Sea Of Time, Sea Of Holes, Sea Of Monsters, March Of The Meanies, Pepperland Laid Waste (Martin) and Yellow Submarine In Pepperland  (Martin, Lennon, McCartney) are all film score music pretty much how you’d expect them. Beatles tinged soundtrack score by George Martin. I won’t go into detail, there is little point.

It really surprises me that this is considered to be a proper Beatles studio album because, in reality, it isn’t. I would agree with many that (if indeed it is an album) that is is the groups weakest album and could be one of the first real instances of record company greed. That said the new songs are worth a listen…


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