1-4-4. Watch these guys closely.

Birmingham based film makers 1-4-4 (Google that) have made so far a series of short films that really capture the imagination. Mostly their films are very inspirational and serve to capture real beauty in whatever they turn their hand too.

For example the short film The Heart Of England offers shots of Birmingham in a late heatwave (October 2011). This freshly released short will make the most stubborn of souls buckle. To make an area such as Highgate in Birmingham look like a place of beauty is a near impossible task yet 1-4-4 pull it off with ease. The short film also serves to truly reflect the ideal multi-cultural harmony in Birmingham in 2012. The shot of two Sikh guys sitting by a man with a dog presumably in Pigeon Park (Birmingham) captures something words cannot. It really should / could be a promotional video for Birmingham as a whole – it is just so positive. The music fits incredibly well, it’s a perfect choice for the weather and laid back reflective vibe. It will resonate with people living in Birmingham, but it goes beyond that. I’ll stop musing – do watch it (in HD if your bandwidth will allow).

If anything this video by 1-4-4 tops the Heart Of England short. Serving as a reflective promotional video for the Shambala Festival again 1-4-4 work their magic. I am of an age where I think festivals are a thing of the past for me. Again the video is inspirational in its vibe and delivery. The film makes you want to shoot off to a festival as soon as posssible. It is very heart-warming and I hate to think how much work must have been put into this – but boy is it worth it.

If you enjoyed these two selected shorts head over to their website or Vimeo channel and have a further look. Ed Lawes and Alan Dohasz are making some of the most inspirational short films at present and really deserve more attention. I’m sure that further kudos is coming their way very soon…


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