The Beatles – Let It Be.

So. The final studio Beatles album Let It Be was released in May, 1970, the only Beatles studio album released in my lifespan (although at 6 months of age it would have passed me by).

As mused in the Abbey Road reflection, that would have made for a much better finale (Abbey Road).

So, is Let It Be a classic that stands up against the preceding albums? It is hard not to be cynical and see the album as slight cash-cow. Recorded before Abbey Road, with miniscule research, the band seemed unhappy with the album. Needless to say, it was another Number 1 album.

Two Of Us (Lennon / McCartney) is largely acoustic and offers a near road movie vibe. It is a nice listen but no Beatles classic.

Dig A Pony (Lennon / McCartney) offers a 70’s sound even if it was penned in the very late 60’s. Sounding slightly like With A Little Help From My Friends (to me on my first listen now) – it sounds accomplished but yet again is no Beatles classic.

Across The Universe (Lennon / McCartney) and Let It Be takes shape. A deep sounding song that really will resonate with most listeners. Like its title, it is quite other worldly and sounds like a Beatles gem.

I Me Mine (Harrison) quite quickly gets charged in its delivery. I’ve never heard this song before but yet again Harrison makes his mark.

Dig It (Lennon / McCartney / Harrison / Starr) and all 4 Beatles get the writing credit. It hardly matters though as it is really an interlude and is over before anything really happens.

Let It Be (Lennon / McCartney) is a very famous Beatles song that most listeners to popular music will know inside-out. Hard to criticise as it is very catchy even if it could be seen as hollow. Also the song sounds more McCartney than Beatles?

Maggie Mae (Lennon / McCartney / Harrison / Starr) is another short ditty that all 4 get credit for even if it is a traditional old song given a fun make-over.

I’ve Got A Feeling (Lennon / McCartney) sees a rockier Beatles that almost wig-out on us. Organic and ambling it sounds very good but yet again is no real classic.

One After 909 (Lennon / McCartney) sounds traditional but is actually a very old Beatles song harking back to their very early days. The sound here, both in delivery and production see it fit the album well.

The Long And Winding Road (Lennon / McCartney) has the sound of finality to it. It sounds like the death of The Beatles in a very fitting way. More McCartney in overall style again it hits the right spot.

For You Blue (Harrison) reminds me of softer Led Zeppelin songs. Without being remarkable it does have a very nice vibe and sound to it. Hard to judge accurately on first listen but I do look forward to hearing it again.

Get Back (Lennon / McCartney) and the album closes with a very famous Beatles slice of heavy pop. It is a fitting last song as it harks all the way back to very early Beatles with its simplicity and charm yet also offers to show how the band developed too in a veiled way.

So. Practically the moment I was born pops finest ever group said adios – I wont take it personally. I have largely enjoyed going through their studio albums and although I have never been a fan can only suggest a band like this come around once in a lifetime. It must have been truly magical seeing their albums released at the time in which they came out. It’s hard to compare any contemporary band with them. Look at the tizzy everyone got into when Oasis had a rich vein of form up to but not including the Some Might Say single. The Beatles releases could only have felt like that tenfold…


One thought on “The Beatles – Let It Be.

  1. Me again! I mentioned on DiS but you should probably give Let It Be…Naked a spin just to compare. The original Let It Be was produced by Spector and and very bitter-toward-Macca Lennon, and it shows.

    Macca’s ‘…Naked’ is probably a better track choice but also a production more in keeping with the other albums. It’s still not one of the best but it feels ‘warmer’ somehow.

    Cheers, Theo

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