Pink Floyd – Obscured By Clouds.

In June, 1972, Pink Floyd released their seventh studio LP. Obscured By Clouds was written to accompany a French film and is in essence a soundtrack.

The album is less fierce than the preceding Meddle and is quite atmospheric if not a tad samey. Although a less essential album it is worth a listen. If Pink Floyd can knock this kind of record up in a very short space of time it only serves to show that their following album was to be something very special indeed.

Obsured By Clouds (Waters / Gilmour) sounds immediately like soundtrack music. Moody and evocative it has a nice dark feel. One thing becomes apparent – musically Pink Floyd do sound like the finished article.

When You’re In (Waters / Gilmour / Wright / Mason) reads a similar path to the album opener. Repetitive but always interesting the track waves and laps away.

Burning Bridges (Waters / Wright) is soft and subtle. The duel vocal from Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour sounds like the very familiar second wave of Floyd.

The Gold It’s In The… (Waters / Gilmour) is a more urgent sounding song It is very well produced and solid throughout.

Wot’s… Uh The Deal (Waters / Gilmour) returns to a softer sounding rock song. It is a pleasant listen and has a lovely sounding chorus.

Mudmen (Gilmour / Wright) begins with leading keybaords and a low sharp drum beat. It spans out to another moody soundscape that gives way to lead guitar solos from Dave Gilmour.

Childhood’s End (Gilmour) also has a moody into. This rises to a full band song that too gives way to quite a refreshing sounding solo. Gilmour delivers a great vocal on the track too and it is one of the album stand out songs.

Free Four (Waters) if anything raises the bar from the previous song. It has a familiar feel instantly and features a nice boomy sound. Somehow it manages to have a prog Beatles feel and is an accessible piece of music that most people will enjoy.

Stay (Waters / Wright) is a mild tale of debauchery that kind of misses the mark for being a tad self obsessed. That said the song does have a very nice sound.

Absolutely Curtains (Wright / Mapuga Tribe) is more experimental even though it is a tamer Pink Floyd than the group had previously ventured on preceding albums. Largely driven by the keyboard it gives way to a tribal chant that closes the album in a charming way.

Obscured By Clouds peaked at Number Six in the U.K. album charts. It is a nice album but nothing more. It does have a slightly rushed feel (a bit like this review) which the band were to correct on their following album which would re-write the record books and become one of the most successful albums of all-time…


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