Pink Floyd – Animals.

Animals is the 10th studio album released by Pink Floyd. It was the first Pink Floyd album released post New Rose by The Damned and is, to me the first album where Pink Floyd show signs of age.

That’s not to be ageist, not at all. In some ways had Wish You Were Here been the bands last album they would have left a fairly perfect musical legacy. That said I do like the album that was to follow Animals. I’m nit-picking again.

Animals was released in early 1977 and saw the biggest gap between studio albums from the preceding album thus far.

The album has a fantastic sleeve and is instantly recognisable. I can only imagine however, had I been a teenager in 1977 (which I wasn’t) that my head would have been massively turned by the Sex Pistols, The Damned and the like. It’s almost like Pink Floyd become the enemy with this album.

The album received largely positive reviews and is indeed a favourite for many Pink Floyd fans.

Pigs On The Wing (Part 1) (Waters) is a short acoustic album opener. It has a clean sound yet manages to sound quite downbeat.

Dogs (Waters / Gilmour) is a sprawling epic that too sounds downbeat. It is like Pink Floyd have digested a bit of Punk spirit even if this song is a far removed musically from that genre as one could possibly get. Musically the songs builds until the 7 minute mark until it slows and unleashed lengthy guitar streaks. At 17 minutes in total the track moves away from the keyboard influence on the preceding album and is led largely by Roger Waters.

Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Waters) is another sprawling downbeat epic. It is hard to take Pink Floyd attacking greed and wealth easily. The song does feature a nice guitar run at its death but is not a favourite for me.

Sheep (Waters) is yet another sprawling epic Pink Floyd offering. Elements of it do recall the sound on Wish You Were Here even if it has more urgency to it. A loose riff shapes the final part of the song along with animal samples.

Pigs On The Wing (Part 2) is a very short album closer and is very much a rehash of the opener.

So. There you have it, Roger Waters’ first solo album, sorry, Pink Floyd’s 10th studio album. It showcases some fantastic musicianship but something seems broken to me. I may be in a minority here.

Surely the best song called Sheep was by the Electro Hipppies anyway…


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