All Saints – Pure Shores.

Right. Enough of the “highbrow” music. Beatles? Meh. Pink Floyd. Hippies.  Time for a guilty pleasure I think.

Twelve years ago All Saints released a single for the movie The BeachI was still working in a record shop at the time and the sheer amount of enquiries we had about the record pre-release signalled a sure fire Number One hit (it was).

Where The Spice Girls had that rare feel good factor about them (initially at least) All Saints were a slicker more r n’b pop offering. It’s easy to knock them – so I won’t. What I will say is beyond the group somewhere bubbling under this pop slice is potentially a totally fantastic record. It is still a great pop record but one can’t help wonder had it been delivered by another artist or indeed by All Saints but much more stripped down (the sound not the performers) then there really is a pop masterpiece bubbling under this smash hit. Imagine if it started really sparse and but built gradually with a shimmer and a fizz to deliver a euphoric end – it is so possible.

It’s a guilty pleasure, I’m bowing my head in shame, enjoy…


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