Oasis – Gas Panic.

In early 2000 Oasis released their lowest ever selling album. Gone was the “Decca” monica. The line-up reshuffled. It is a hit and miss album. That does not stop the band that are often mocked nowadays delivering a hidden gem.

After initially listening to the album quite a lot, instore working in a record shop – I heard this track again about 3 years later. The song came on a jukebox in a snooker hall of all places. At first I didn’t even know what it was. Then a moment of realisation where the song became quite magical.

It’s very easy to knock Oasis and to an extent they deserve it but this is a quality song on quite a few levels. Ironic album title aside (Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants) – it’s up there with the best songs they ever recorded yet seldom credited as such. With this tune the Primark Stone Roses really deliver the goods…


One thought on “Oasis – Gas Panic.

  1. Primark Stone Roses? Oasis knock spots off the roses every time! Songwriting is far superior, Ian brown is not a great vocalist, Liam WAS great vocalist. Noel now has the best voice! Stone roses yeah one of my fave genres but they were always overrated.

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