Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger.

In early Summer 1982 a single by a practically unknown American rock group rocketed to Number 1 in the U.K. Singles Chart. The song was a global smash and it caught the imagination of millions.

Eye Of The Tiger was clearly boosted as it was the theme to Rocky III – the video became essential viewing with the images of Clubber Lang providing one of the most immediate visual anti-heroes the big screen could muster in the 80’s.

The record would never have had this exposure, ergo success, had the movies directors had their request of Another One Bites The Dust by Queen accepted, imagine no Eye Of The Tiger – it’s hard isn’t it?

Beyond the instant rock punch the band provide some great lesser known rock characters. The video really did make me laugh, for all the right reasons. The lead singer does look like an unreleased 80’s rock Action Man and the rest of the group should make at least the corners of your mouth turn up.

I bought the album on vinyl for £1 from Music & Video Exchange in Birmingham as it was cheap and does have a great sleeve. Imagining it would be very poor I was surprised to discover some near John Carpenter rock style tracks that provide quite a unique 80’s rock sound.

Eye Of The Tiger stands the test of time and the band clearly could never top this anthem. It is testosterone fun in vinyl format and occupies a unique place in one hit wonder history…



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