I think I’ve just heard the album of the decade.

I have never streamed an album online before. I have never seen the point. This changed today. Seeing a 10/10 for an album always makes one think ‘hmm”. Seeing a 10/10 followed by the solitary word ‘masterpiece’ makes one want to investigate further.

There are a select handful of bands / artists where you know they are total quality but cannot muster the energy to check all of their previous work. Nick Cave and The Fall are two good examples of this.

The album in question is released at the end of August (2012). The artist at the helm of the band has stated it is the culmination of 30 years work. Videos have been uploaded to YouTube already so clearly it has leaked. The album is worthy of anyones money. It will be the band’s twelfth album. I have only ever heard the bands 2nd album and although that is a very difficult listen it was hugely influential and without it artists like Godflesh probably would never have materialised.

The band are SWANS the album is The Steer. One listen literally just blew me away. It is two hours long and an unbelievably strong and accomplished piece of work. Words that spring to mind are : brutal, beautiful, pure, real, raw, skillful and indeed masterful.

The stream is easy to find via a Google search. If the opportunity is there listen to it loud. It’s hard to believe any artists twelfth album could possibly be their best. Maybe it is me maturing, the band maturing, or a blend of both.

Avatar is a good place to start if you do not have two hours to invest. It should leave you wanting more though so be warned…


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