New Model Army – The Price.

In 1984 New Model Army released The Pricean E.P. via independent label Abstract. If my memory serves me right it was the bands last independent release before signing to EMI.

The E.P. was a very pocket-money friendly £1:99 in Virgin Records, Birmingham and although I had never heard the band it somehow was a no brainer of a purchase.

The band did receive a lot of unfair ‘stick’ for signing to EMI, perhaps most notably via anarcho outfit Conflict who released a LIVE album titled Only Stupid Bastards Sign To EMI in a thinly veiled response to New Model Army’s semi-famous Only Stupid Bastards Use Heroin slogan.

When I played ‘The Price’ E.P. for the first time it felt briefly like I’d discovered one of the most important bands of the mid-80’s. The music was alternative. The lyrics had style and a message. I’ve lost count of how many times I saw the band LIVE in the mid to late 80’s and they certainly were a decent, real LIVE band.

The Price E.P. was superb value for money as it contained four quality extra tracks; 1984, No Mans Land, Great Expectations and the sublime Notice Me. As the bands last independent release it will always resonate with me in a fond way…


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