Joy Division – Transmission.

In November 1979 Joy Division released a single that sits between their two classic studio album. The single did not chart at all upon initial release. Yup, I’m still scratching my head about that one.

If anything it showed the band were ahead of music buying masses. Charts or no charts. Whatever music one may like I do not think anyone can watch the now legendary performance of Transmission on Something Else and not feel something. It is real art through the medium of music. The final minute of the performance, no matter how many times I watch will always evoke something in me. How many frontmen can really tap open your senses like Ian Curtis did? It is a soul practically bare, so much so that you feel like a voyeur but it is powerfully complelling.

The B-Side to Transmission only offers further proof that everything Joy Division released was just pure quality. Enjoy…


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