The Stone Roses – Fools Gold.

In November 1989, six months after their debut album release The Stone Roses released a double A-Side Fools Gold / What The World Is Waiting For. The lesser played side (What The World Is Waiting For) quickly relegated itself to more of a cocksure statement about the band than any serious challenger to the other side.

It is hard top believe now but the band’s debut album, as classic and timeless as it is was actually a slow burner in its road to success. The album spread via word of mouth more than anything else. Practically everyone that heard it was won over by the time I Am The Resurrection fades away.

Mystery and intrigue surrounded the band as they rocketed their way quite effortlessly to the front of the music scene. The six month gap fuelled the want for more music.

Fools Gold is not on either of the bands two studio albums. It really is the band going into overdrive and if anything topping the debut album. It’s the cherry on top of the cake. The single broke the UK Top Ten when that was actually a hard and respectable feat to achieve. It shimmers and glides the whole way through like The Stone Roses are momentarily rewriting how rock should sound. The band were heavily associated with the acid house scene but it really is just one of the most unique straight up rock jams ever committed to vinyl.

The only irony is this track, which is probably their best ever song was indeed Fools Gold in the sense that you felt back in ’89 that the most important band of a generation could keep this level of output up. Which, all to sadly, they just could not…


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