Checking out alternative music programs for Apple Mac today I stumbled across Fidelia. 

For a start the program / application / music player looks the business. With a lovely old skool amp look it grabs your visual attention pretty much immediately. The dual light bars reflecting the music output look miles behind, but far better than iTunes offerings via visualiser.

Fidelia has a 15 day trail period. After 3 hours toying with it I will definitely be buying it. My reasoning goes beyond the visual aspect even if that does get my full praise.

Importing songs from my iTunes initially I thought “it doesn’t sound that much better”. With a fairly decent speaker next to my MacBook the sound generated by The Stranglers – Nice N’ Sleazy was very crisp but then again it is a very clean, pounding song anyway.

The Beatles, Aphex Twin, Beastie Boys, Johnny Foreigner, Black Sabbath and the Dead Kennedys were all trusty sources to check out just how much ‘better’ the sound was.

After toying for an hour or so I imported the tracks in the other formats. The best of which seems to be AIFF which when set to high sounds pretty incredible. The comparison is like watching a DVD, Blu-Ray or HD television for the first time. The only real down side is, for instance, ‘Stairway To Heaven’ is over half a gig in size – so you will need hard drive space. This is on the very highest settings granted but the sound is incredible.

At $19:99 direct from the developers or £13:99 from the Apple App Store it will be money well spent. Existing MP3’s you have can be converted to whatever format you like and all of a sudden iTunes simply does not sound anywhere near good enough.

The only downside I can seem to find is that buying the app does not unlock all of it’s features. You will need to spend another £40 or so to get even more control which I imagine will be all too tempting…





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