Frankel Farewell.

With Frankel running his last race tomorrow the most certain thing in sport is that he will make it win number 14 out of 14 races.

One does not even need to bet on the horse to become excited by the rare spectacle that is a racing superstar.

Shergar was the first horse (flat) that I can recall becoming a household name but with a bit of research it was not quite up to the speed and power of the true superhorses.

Sea The Stars very recently won more prestigious races than Frankel and the tone of commentators voices told you that the horse was something special.

The difference with Frankel is the bullet pace. He doesn’t just beat the other Grade 1 horses – He destroys them.

There are many more names that pop up in debate and after watching a fair few of them on YouTube I would say only, maybe, Secretariat was the horse that I have seen that could possibly get close to Frankel. That would be one dream show down…


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