The Misfits – Cool/Cough – She.

Watching a Misfits tribute band last night for Halloween I was reminded just how great The Misfits were. They are one of two bands that get an album and a single in my Top 20 albums / singles.

I’m going to try to go through all of the Danzig featuring Misfits discography. In 1987 when I first heard the band I could not believe the quality of their material. I cannot think of another band who very simply have no bad songs at all.

If there is any criticism to be thrown their way it is that there is no formula, their is no classic album. Releases were literally just put out. You cannot clearly say they have a classic album in the usual sense (for instance Never Mind The Bollocks). That said, every single song by the band (pre-reformation) is total quality. It may need a trained ear but they were a very unique band.

In 1977 The Misfits released their debut single Cool/Cough with the very notable B-Side She. 500 copies were pressed and today that single must be worth a small fortune. Cool/Cough is a two minute 9 second muted affair. The production is weak but this matters not one jot. Immediately Glenn Danzig profiles a very Jim Morrison esque vocal.  Cool/Cough is arguably one of the bands worst records but kudos comes it’s way for getting the ball rolling. It still sounds leagues above many other punk bands.

She is just an instant classic. Noodling but rattling urgency. Again the notion of a punk Doors raises its head. Glenn Danzig ups the vocals and it is 1:19 that somehow seems much longer. You realise the guy can fucking sing. It’s a gem despite the low production.


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